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2007 September » Philoxenos


Phone call with AT&T

29th September 2007

Phone call with AT&T

Just this very minute I overheard a phone call that Handsome was making to AT&T, our landline and internet provider. Here in America many of the customer service numbers that you call first put you through some kind of triage where the computer has some kind of voice-recognition software so you can talk your answers rather than punching numbers. By the way, I’ve heard the best way to get to an actual person quickly is to swear at the computer. I haven’t tried it myself, you know, I’m just sayin’.

This is what I heard of the conversation:

(said with a very serious, monotone voice, attempting to be devoid of an accent) Problem with my bill.


(Sounding increasingly irritated) None of those.

(Sounding completely annoyed) But, wait, I didn’t ge… (cut off)

(And now totally peeved) Yeah, whatever.

(Muttering to himself) They never understand my accent. 

(Still muttering to himself, although I imagine it was being record by some computer somewhere for training purposes. Imagine a Kiwi talking with a contrived Southern accent. A really bad one) Problem with my bee-ill. That’s probably how I should have said it.

(And now a little language lesson for you) Kooskakabooka

Remember, my husband spent the majority of his growing up years living in Papua New Guinea, so he picked up the local lingo, including some of the not-so-nice words.

Next time you’re really angry because you were cut off by another driver, remember that word. You can have the thrill to know that you just called them black chicken snot.

So neener neener neener AT&T.

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28th September 2007

Luvs diaper clearance at Walgreens

Anyone that knows me knows that I love a bargain. I’m pretty good about not buying something just because it’s cheap unless I’ll actually use it. This morning I was reading Baby Cheapskate and I found out that Walgreens was clearancing out a brand of diapers called Luvs. Sometimes stores decide not to continue stocking an item and in order to get rid . of it they’ll mark it down for a deep discount. Folks, if you know anyone that is using baby diapers here in the US and you live close to a Walgreens, run to your nearest store! I got the mega pack, which is 52 diapers, for just $3.79 each. That’s about 8 cents per diaper which is just about the cheapest you can get. They’re not the premium diapers, like Huggies or Pampers, but they’re a national brand.

I ended up going to two different stores to see if I could get more. They only had size 4 and 5, which is not what my kids are wearing right now, but I figure that I’ve got lots of storage space and for that kind of savings I’m happy to fill up the closet. At the first store I bought out what they had, which was 8 packages. The second store only had two packages, but they also had Pampers training pants (like Pullups) marked down to $2.79 a package, which is just over 10 cents each. Cutie isn’t using those yet but I’ll store them until I need them.

I just had a look at my receipts and at the first store I spent $39.29 (I bought a couple other things) and saved $93.09. At the second store I spent $14.29 and saved $61.20. Can’t beat that!

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25th September 2007

Happy Birthday Little Girl

My second daughter had a birthday on Labour Day. I’ve been meaning to write a letter to her on my blog as I’ve seen other bloggers do. I think it’s a great idea and a clutter-free way to store something. I try to write a few details about them on the calendar on their birthday but it’s not always easy to keep them in the same place as I’m organizationally challenged.

Dear Cutie,

You’re two now. I vividly remember the day you were born. I was working with your dad in the office at Grandad’s house and decided that I needed a break, so I walked down to the dairy (corner store) and bought an icecream. I say I walked but really I did a serious waddle because my belly was sticking very far out. It was early spring in New Zealand and I was enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. After I got back I noticed that I was having some contractions which I started timing. After about 30 minutes your dad asked me why I kept looking at the clock. I told him that I was pretty sure I was having contractions which put him into overdrive since we needed to get some things done before going to the hospital! The contractions didn’t go away and I decided to call my midwife who told me to head to the hospital. We went to pick up your big sister from daycare and bring her back to Nana and Granddad’s house. We got to the hospital about 6 pm and everything was okay, nothing too painful yet. I was going to have a c-section but there were a couple of other ladies in line in front of me, so daddy and I just read our books (the midwives thought we were nuts!). Finally they wheeled me into the operating room and and at 12:32 am you were born. I cried. You were just 6 pounds 11 ounces and all covered in stuff!

Now you’re 31 pounds and all covered in stuff, but usually leftovers from breakfast. You’ve got beautiful blond hair with little curls that bounce around your face. You’re not talking yet, except to say “Yeah” and “Nah” which your grandpa taught you. Thanks Dad! But you communicate very well. You cry quite a lot, usually because you’re not able to tell us what you’re thinking or because your big sister isn’t sharing something. You love to dance and will start to groove any time there is music on. You’re a great cuddler and have developed your sister’s love of books.

My prayer for you is that you will learn to love Jesus with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. I pray that you will know that your family all over the world cherishes you and that you are important. I’m so glad you’re a part of our family.



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24th September 2007

Free Coffee

When the cat is away the mouse…

…looks for free samples! I’ve been online doing a few things that I don’t get a chance to do when the kids are awake and I discovered free coffee!

Folgers Gourmet Selections. Get A Free Sample

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24th September 2007

Old men and children

I believe that’s actually a line from a Mary Chapin Carpenter song. I love her music. I like to play it in the car, loud, with the windows rolled down at night.

We went to Costco today to enjoy a polish dog and soda for just $1.65. A friend watched all three of my children this morning for three hours so I could go to our apartment and clean it. She was craving a polish dog so we went and enjoyed one together. She has a little boy that’s nearly three months older than my son, but my son is on the bigger side and her boy is on the smaller side so they’re about the same size, except her son is much more mobile than mine.

We stuck them in the double stroller and sat down to enjoy our lunch. We didn’t realise that we’d be such a spectacle. It seems that there is a group of senior citizens that meet at Costco to enjoy lunch together. And why not? For a couple bucks you can have a feast! No less than five old men came by to have a look at our kids and were particularly interested in the boys, who they  thought were twins. One man chuckled at the girls, who were enjoying a bit of freedom and being a bit silly. He chuckled and said “I had five kids. I know what it’s like!”

It’s interesting because I have had more positive comments about children from older people than anyone else. I remember a time when I was carrying our second daughter in a sling at church and one of the older patriarchs of the church commented that he loved seeing children in church, being loved by their parents. I wonder if it’s because they have the time to look back and appreciate the time they had with their children and grandchildren. Maybe they regret not spending more time with them while they have the chance. Or maybe they wish their children would come to visit more and bring the grandkids with them. I don’t know.

But I know that my oldest daughter recently told me that she misses Nana and Granddad in New Zealand. I asked her why and she said “Because Nana has better dress-ups.”

Nana and Granddad, you’re sorely missed. We’re looking forward to Christmas.

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20th September 2007

nighttime wanderer

My two year old daughter still sleeps in a baby crib. It’s as big crib, it’s comfortable and. frankly, I don’t want to deal with a wandering two year old in the middle of the night quite yet. Also we are putting off the purchase of a twin bed as long as possible while we get on our feet here in the United States.

After church on Sunday we had some new friends  over for lunch. While I was making the final preparations we were chatting and they asked if we could use a day bed because they had one in storage that wasn’t being used. I quickly piped up and said yes! My parents recently bought a daybed to replace the bed they gave us and my mom has been singing the praises of a trundle bed for using with little kids, because it’s so low to the ground. And I always like free :) So we’ll be getting a bed for our little girl which means that she’ll no longer be caged in her bed, unable to escape and her little brother will no longer have to sleep in the portacot.

My mom also has a little inflatable bed which she originally bought when we came to visit last year and our oldest daughter was just two. She was already sleeping in a regular twin bed at home but with a rail and mom thought that this was a good option. It is Winnie the Pooh and of course Disney characters trump all other options, so she was very happy to sleep there for three weeks. After we moved into our own place and took the baby crib, whenever our two year old needed a place to sleep at Grandma’s we just pulled out the inflatable bed. She would sleep on it and interestingly she would never get off it on her own. Once we put her to do bed she would stay there until we came to get her. So in the morning we’d find her reading books, waiting for us, just like she did in her crib.

Let’s get this story wrapped up because it’s getting very long. We are housesitting for my parents for a week starting today. Sunday and Monday nights I stayed with my parents because Handsome was out of town for seminary and then a conference on Tuesday and I didn’t want to be without a car for the entire time and I knew I’d get lonely. So I took all the kids’ stuff over including the portacot. I didn’t want to bring the portacot back, knowing that we’d be bringing it back in just a couple days, so we brought the Winnie the Pooh bed with us and put the baby in the crib.

Last night about 12:30 I heard the pitter patter of little feet. I knew it wasn’t Precious, the 3 year old, because she runs everywhere. It had to be Cutie. (By the way, those aren’t their real names. Just in case you wondering.) I opened my eyes and there she was, looking up at me. She was a bit disturbed and she patted my pillow, indicating that she wanted to sleep with me. I said no, she couldn’t stay with me and I walked her back to her bed. She eventually went back to sleep and I was able to spend the night in my own bed.

So I’m afraid that the days of her staying in her imaginary cage happily reading books are just about over. It’s still early in the morning so I’m interested to see how she deals with it this morning. Our first daughter transitioned to a regular bed quite easily but they are two different little girls!

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14th September 2007

Love/hate relationship with Costco

I really do love Costco. Not only is it the only place I know of where, for $1.64, I can get the best Polish dog and 20 oz drink, but it also means I can buy stuff in great quantities so I never have to think - do I need toilet paper? Because I’ve still got 102 rolls stuffed under my bathroom sink.

But there are two things that I hate about Costco:

1. It seems impossible to walk out of the store without paying at least $50. A friend of mine at church calls it the $100 store (rather than the Dollar Store). I’m happy to say that I’ve exercised extreme restraint in all my trips to Costco thus far, but it sure was a close one today. I hemmed and hawed over the little 100% juice boxes. It was a good price! But my mom reminded me that I don’t let my kids drink that much juice anyway. Why would I buy that many juice boxes? Who cares if they were 100% juice. But I pick up a side of beef (I actually just bought ground beef at a great price - Costco has good meat), throw in some milk, bread, cheese, a bottle of shampoo, deodorant, and BAM! I’m up to $50. And that’s because I didn’t just buy a small block of cheese, I bought enough cheese slices to make sandwiches for my entire block. For the whole  week.

And this leads me on to the second thing I hate about Costco:

I commonly refer to Costco as the Mecca of American consumerism. And everytime I enter I pray that I will maintain control and not buy everything that I want. Fortunately you have to pay cash at Costco. They only accept their own credit card, which we don’t have. And I’m grateful. I agree with Dave Ramsey that it’s much easier to spend a little bit more than you intended when you use a credit card. We’re very careful with our budget, but we’re not perfect every time.

Today my big issue was with Precious, my nearly 4 year old girl. She loves pink. And sparkles. And she absolutely adores anything that is pink and sparkly at the same time.  And she loves Disney princesses. She frequently pretends to be Cinderella or Little Mermaid.  Today our local Costco was selling a set of Disney princess shoes. Not just one pair, but a SET. So one pair of shoes for each of the princesses - Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beautiy, Jasmine, and two more but I can’t remember which. They were pink, sparkly, and featured her favourite pretend people. What more could a girl ask for? I didn’t hear the end of it the entire time we were there. Mom, can I have the shoes? I want the shoes. I need the shoes. They’re sparkly. I like sparkly. I want the shoes. Can I have the shoes? Please? My birthday is coming up. Please? Please?

I told her numerous times that I would make sure to write it on her wish list (which is currently about a mile long) and reminded her that we can’t get everything she wants and that we have to be wise with our money. I made every effort to teach a lesson, but I’m not sure it worked.

It wasn’t until the very end that she saw that Grandma had stuck the box of shoes underneath our trolley when she wasn’t looking. So now she’s like the cat that ate the canary. She’s just walking around with this look that says “I got the shoes!! I’m a real princess!”

So, Costco, thank you for the cheap meat. And thanks for the gallon of shampoo. And a big thanks, too, for the opportunity to increase my prayer life as I pray for strength to say no to things I don’t need!

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12th September 2007

What day is it?

I just had a clever intro written but I deleted it. And that’s the state of my mind lately: deleted.

Basically I said something about time flying and not having any control over my time, yadda yadda. It’s like we moved to America and now we’re in warp speed. I don’t get it. I never felt like this when we lived in New Zealand. But for those of you who know me in real life and have been wondering why I don’t email or even blog that much anymore, I want to give you a rundown of our ‘normal’ week. I’m going to start on Tuesday because in my world I feel like Tuesdays is the first day of the week and, since it’s my blog, I’ll do it my way.


1 am: Handsome comes home from being at seminary in San Francisco all day. Last class finishes at 9:30pm on Monday and then he drives home. I’m asleep, of course, but I always wake up, particularly when somehow the door doesn’t open properly and he has to knock.

3-4am: Little Buddy wakes up and decides he’d like a snack. We’re working on this one. He doesn’t know it but very soon he’s going to be crying himself back to sleep in the nighttime. I just have to schedule a few days to do it, probably starting on Friday. I promise, I’m not a mean mama, but he’s big enough that he doesn’t need to eat during the night and I can tell that he’s not all that hungry anyway.

6am: Alarm goes off. We’re up and getting ready. Kids get up about 6:30-7 and have breakfast straight away.

7:10: we’re out the door, getting the kids into the carseats in order to take Handsome to work so we can have the car for the day.

7:30: drop Handsome off at work and then come home, sometimes via the bank or gas station or Grandma’s house. They like the early morning stops at Grandma’s house because then they get second breakfast. They’re hobbits.

On Tuesdays we have playgroup at 10, so we usually do jobs around the house in the morning beforehand. I make an attempt to clean up the house and they make an attempt (very successfully) to mess it up. Little Bud has a nap. I’m really really working on keeping the girls with me so that they can help with the chores and I can keep them more occupied so they don’t fight. The fighting is really getting to me.

9:45am: The last several weeks, while it’s been super duper hot, we’ve been playing at McDonalds, which has an indoor playground. When we started on our real, not-on-a-vacation budget, I stopped buying food at McDonalds and just brought our own snacks. They were disappointed, but dealt with it. My mom has been meeting us there most weeks because it’s just aroud the corner from her house. And Precious, the nearly 4 year old, has discovered that Grandma is a softy ad if she asked politely Grandma will usually buy her a cheese hamburger, as she calls it. And I don’t mind. That’s what Grandma’s are for, after all. Just wait till she starts asking for a trip to  Hawaii. Grandma isn’t that much of a pushover.

12pm: head home for lunch, if they haven’t already eaten, and have naps. Yesterday we actually went to my mom’s house and had a quick swim and then went home. Not much longer and it will be too cold to swim, so I want to take advantage of it.

I spent most of the afternoon on the couch trying to rest because I was so tired. Precious never slept but she was quiet. Cutie, the 2 year old, stayed in her bed until nearly 5. She was pooped. And Little Bud slept most of the afternoon.

I made dinner during the afternoon and stuck it in the fridge until 5 when i put it in the oven to bake. We all left to pick up Handsome from work at 6 and when we got home dinner was ready (I had turned the oven off before we left. Don’t freak out, Mom.)

By the time we ate and dealt with numerous requests for help with dinner and more milk and ketchup, it was nearly 7. Handsome said he needed to work on an assignment, as well as plan Sunday’s worship service and find some fill-in musicians, so I took care of baths. So it was nearly 8 by the time everyone was in bed and I started on the kitchen. Little Bud decided he didn’t want to sleep so I had to spend a bit more time getting him to sleep. AlthoughI had other things to do I sure love spending time with that little boy. He’s precious.

So I cleaned up the kitchen and swept and mopped the floor (we have a tile floor that shows every speck of dirt) and then it was 9. I got out the ironing board and spent another 45 minutes ironing shirts and pants for Handsome. He even has to wear a tie! by the time I was finished it was 10. I had  a shower and went to bed. It was 10:30 and I was pooped.

1am: Precious wakes up to use the bathroom.

And then it all begins again. Each day is a bit different, but I only have the car on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so those are the days that we do our errands, which is a lot of work with the three kids. I do as much as I can by myself but it doesn’t work out much.

I have a lot more to say but I need to take a nap while I can. I’ll write more about our exciting life when I have a chance.

And Terry M, if you’re reading this, I’ve been meaning to write you to say that we miss you guys so much.  Definitely miss your eggs (they have a free-range farm) but also your company. You know what it’s like, having to make new friends when you move. It takes a while. The other night I was thinking “Boy, I’d really like to invite ourselves over for a roast with yorkshire pudding”. Just to relax and hang out.

And to the rest of our friends, we miss you too :) I promise.

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7th September 2007

Free cheese

American readers - want some free cheese? I got an email from Kraft to try a new product and I can send a coupon to up to ten friends. If you’d like to get some free cheese, send me an email at michele AT philoxenos DOT info and I’ll make it happen! Be quick because there are only so many available (you know, probably only 100,000 or so :) )

Sorry, I wasn’t smart enough to be able to cut and paste the picture :) Trust me, it looks good!

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6th September 2007

Learning to read, coupon disaster averted, and insomniac baby

How’s that for an all-encompassing title?

Today Precious and I started working through “Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons”. And yes, it really is easy. And she already knew the first lesson, but we reviewed. She was keen to go on, but I was keen to have a nap and the introduction warns about going too fast. We also started Handwriting Without Tears, which is super duper cool and she was eating it up. I went ahead and did two lessons, even though I had planned on doing only one. So far, so good.

Tonight, after Handsome came home from music practice at church, I left to go to Vons to get some free toothpaste. It’s on sale for $1 a tube and I had a coupon for $1 off one tube of Colgate, so I got some free toothpaste :) While I was there I was just wandering the aisles to see what I could see. I knew that they had a few good sales and I had brought my coupons (I have a filing system that’s portable). Let me point out that I did NOT have a list. I broke my cardinal rule of going to the supermarket without a list. Bad, Michele, bad! This could have been a budget nightmare, but it worked out in the end.

Here in America they have these little coupon dispensers randomly placed throughout the store that will spit out a coupon for a product that is nearby. In the produce/deli section there was a coupon for $1 off a deli sandwich package, so you can put your own sandwich together. It includes a fancy roll, some mayo and mustard, cheese, meat. It’s normally priced at $3, which would be insane. It was marked down to $2 and there was a coupon for $1 off. I was enticed by the flash packaging and thought it would be great for Handsome to take to seminary on Monday, since I have to pack three meals for him to take. Okay, folks, let’s think about it. I just paid $1 for a sandwich that I could have made for much, much less. And of course mine wouldn’t have come in plastic packaging that will never biodegrade. Oscar Meyer sure knows a sucker when they see one.

There were a few incidents like this during my shopping expedition, but there was one really big whopper of disaster that fortunately never eventuated.  They had a deal going where if you bought 10-14 particular items you got $5 off. If you bought 15-20, you got $10 off and if you bought 25-30 you got $20 off. And of course they weren’t generic items. I thought it would be cool to see if I could get 10 items, using my coupons, so I’d get the $5 off. I managed to get up to 7 when Handsome rang to say that the baby wasn’t sleeping and could I please come home as soon as possible. (He spends his evenings studying now) So now I was in a bit of a rush. I didn’t want to just randomly buy overpriced products (I would much rather plan out my overpriced purchases - more rewarding that way) but I really wanted to get up to 10 products. So I went back to the cake mix section where they had some good sales happening for items that I would actually use. I don’t normally buy cake or muffin mixes, but they do have some good muffin mixes that I wouldn’t normally make at home. So I got three more of those (I only had one coupon) and went to checkout.

As I had wandered through the store and found items for which I had coupons I would stick the coupon in my pocket so I wouldn’t forget it. When I got to the checkout I had a wad of coupons. I put all my stuff on the conveyor belt and proceeded to unwad my coupons. Turns out I saved $10 in coupons, which is really good. But I didn’t get the $5 off for buying ten of the featured products. The checkout guy didn’t have a clue what I was talking about and the manager came over straight away. She took one look at my receipt, which had discounts all over the place, and took me over to an empty register. She said that this is one of those promotions that someone at Corporate thought would be a good idea but in practice is impossible to figure out. She said “Let’s save ourselves some grey hairs. Here’s $10 back.” And she gave me ten dollars!! So, although I bought a few things that I wouldn’t normally buy, I definitely got some good deals. This is what I got for a total of $31.43:

  • 6 2-packs of Gerber baby food
  • 4 boxes of Betty Crocker muffin mix
  • 1 package of Betty Crocker cookie mix (with sprinkles and sparkly things - the girls will love it)
  • a huge thing of gum for Handsome
  • 2 big bags of tortilla chips to take to a party tomorrow night
  • 10-pack of individual bags of Teddy Grahams. The girls love these and I only use them when we need a snack to distract
  • Quaker Rice snack things that I discovered yesterday and I wanted to try a new flavour
  • Tide Stain on the go thing. I have a thing with stains. They don’t like me.
  • Dial body wash, a big honkin’ one
  • Colgate (this was free!!)
  • chicken caesar salad to go thing, bought with a coupon for just 99 cents
  • the sandwich in a box thing, which I’m a bit sheepish about
  • 4 lbs of individually frozen chicken breasts
  • salad mix, bought for 50 cents after coupon

I realise this isn’t like the best deal ever, but considering that I almost had to pay $41 for all of that, I’m pretty excited that I only had to pay $31 for it. Of course, considering that most of it is stuff that we don’t even need to eat, it’s not much of a savings after all :) But I won’t think about that.

And finally, to make a long post even longer, I got home and my son, who is six months old at the end of the week, is smiling at me over Handsome’s shoulder as if to say “Tired? What’s that?” I have finally gotten him to sleep and I am PRAYING that he sleeps through the night. I mean like all the way to 7am. The boy has never done it. Not once in his entire life has he slept through the night and I believe it’s about time!

So if you got to the end of the post, please leave me a comment and I might just send you a coupon :) I collected quite a few from those little dispensers tonight.

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